roots within
roots within

In a country where the softness interlaces with the roughness, between the wavy vineyards of Moravian Tuscany, the Kořeny studio is located. It lays deep in the earth and comes to life thanks to Karolína.

What does the name „Kořeny“ (the roots) mean? What are Kořeny about?

The title Kořeny with nature inside is related to something deep, earthy. Above all, Kořeny are an open platform that seeks to discover the potential and courage rooted somewhere deep within each of us. Just like plant roots. At first they are not visible, but they are the most important thing for the plant. They hide a source of strength and energy for growth and life, but in fact I am still discovering what Kořeny mean. I let myself be guided by intuition.

“Kořeny s přírodou uvnitř” (The roots with nature inside) is a studio that finds endless inspiration in nature, be it jewellery or hand-made candles and candlesticks. Each piece is original. A bit like uncultivated plants, there are no two identical candles or two identical pieces of jewellery. Rather than silver, gold or expensive materials, I prefer uniqueness. Each piece is handmade and refined. My jewellery is often accompanied by freshwater pearls. Their symbolism is very ancient. The pearl reflects the charm and splendour of a woman. It symbolises self-love in the purest sense of the word. Therefore, they are recommended for women who are seeking their self-worth, self-confidence, humbleness, love and acceptance.

You seem to be interested in mysticism and a certain roughness and wilderness can be seen in your work. Why?

I think that there is something primitive, primordial and sincere hidden in my pieces. Something that reminds us that we come from nature and that we need to discover the importance of our roots. Returning to the beginnings. To the nature.

What is the meaning of your creation? Why is it important for you to create with your hands?

The purpose of my work is to discover hidden potential. Discovering the joy and freedom of being myself. Doing things my own way. It is also a form of meditation and therapy. It is often difficult for me to express my feelings in words. Words are sometimes restrictive or misunderstood. Through creation, I can more easily express and pass on my emotions and feelings. Reconnect with myself. Create my own reality. Own world. Push my boundaries.

I have always had a relationship with handicraft activities, and this need to create increased even more during my studies of conceptual art at the Brno Faculty of Fine Arts. After studying, I felt completely lost, like I didn’t belong anywhere. I didn’t know what to do. At that time, the idea of my own studio was born within me. I was gathering courage, searching. Losing and finding myself again. I discovered the joy and beauty of creating my products from the very beginning. Let my hands and heart create. Touching the finished products and still being amazed.

Was the production of beeswax candles a smooth transition from another “molten medium”? What does the process of making a single candle look like?

When I think about it in retrospect, I find that creating candles was a completely intuitive process for me. I like balancing on the border of the opposites. On the one hand, preserving natural fragments under a layer of silver and on the other hand the transience of candles. Softness, strength, fragility and toughness. Dynamic changes that drive me to keep going. To create!

The whole process of making candles is, from the beginning a purely handicraft activity. I deal with two types of candles. One type which is casted into moulds and second, where the wick is gradually dipped in molten beeswax. I get beeswax cakes from local beekeepers from the village where I live and create. Thanks to that I have a much closer relationship with this material and I know that 100% quality is guaranteed here.

The creation of candles began with a long process of producing my own moulds, as those conventionally produced did not have the right properties. I slowly began to make my own candles by trial and error, to learn from my own mistakes. Diving into the alchemy of mixing colours and picking the right wick diameter. I’m currently trying new experimental ways of dyeing candles with different herbs. Flowers of St. John’s wort or roots of greater celandines have worked well for me. It’s important that the candle absorbs wax properly and doesn’t leak.

I make dipped candles from 100% beeswax and the ones which I cast into moulds are made from two types of waxes – beeswax and soy wax – which are non-toxic when burning, and the candle from this mixture burns better. I also mix herbs from the garden and nearby meadows into the waxes. In order for everything to work, it is first necessary to prepare a mould that needs to be properly greased so that the candle can be removed easier and the wick gets tightened. Then all you have to do is wait for the candle to harden and hope that everything will work out which is not always certain.

What is important for you in the space in which you work, in your studio? How does it affect you?

My studio is located in a small village in South Moravia. This region is also called Moravian Tuscany. Thanks to the open views of the countryside and wavy vineyards lining the roads. It is a delicate and lovely landscape, but also rough, rocky and dry. I think that my work is shaped primarily by this landscape. My studio and almost 100-year-old house are hidden in a wild garden. When creating, I need to sense the peace of the countryside, because only in this way can I feel and perceive all the emotions and inspirations that would otherwise be overwhelmed by the surrounding influences in a noisy city.

What do Kořeny still have in mind and how will they spend the summer?

During the summer I plan to endlessly discover natural beauty. To observe sunsets and sunrises. Just to flow. To discover new inspiration and courage. I am currently working on a new project that I would like to introduce in the near future, and that should be clothing, specifically dresses, T-shirts and trousers with a minimalist cut. Free and light as a summer breeze.

Foto: Kořeny s přírodou uvnitř

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