A collection of stories about objects and their makers. Supporting an honest style of living where all resources are used responsibly.

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Stories of makers

edible rituals

About food that isn’t just for eating. About the senses, colors, herbs, flour, and simplicity of life on the moonland. Barbora told us all about it.⁠

line of a circle

In the beginning, a wire is a straight line. Later it is bent, curved, and circled around. And with it the life of craftsman, too. Which direction, we find out with Slávo. ⁠

beyond cultures

Beyond the borders of countries, cultures, and time, she seeks the true human essence. The form into which she shapes is tangible but still deeply symbolic. We talk with Elvira about the intersection of myth and reality.

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Our story

Value manifesto


The aesthetic value is no longer defined only by a form. It is about humanity in the making. Material shaped by time, attention, and mastery.


We cherish the relationship between the maker, the object, and the owner. Their stories continue in your hands. By choosing unique products you create a unique experience for yourself.


At Kanava, we believe in a community. The community that uplifts the unique skills of each individual and creates a space for mutual support.


Our makers work in the utmost respect for nature. When it comes to lasting objects, we as users can participate by taking care of it. This depends on understanding the whole journey from maker to us.

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