About us

About us

Kanava is a white woven textile used as a base for embroidering. 

Our Kanava is also a base for the start of something new. 

As two creatives, we are both interested in the origin of craft and the change of its meaning in the current world. While living abroad we have experienced cultures where local production comes above others. Back home in Slovakia, we feel that the potential of local craft remains overlooked. And yet these hand made products of exceptional quality and design deserve attention from the wider public. 

The quality of material and the process of making is important to us, as we believe it affects and prolongs the relationship we have towards objects. That is why we have created Kanava, a platform where we present our makers and their process in a new contemporary light.



During her studies at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, Slovakia and at the Oslo National Academy of Arts, Norway, she undertook an internship at Danish studio Beck&Kinch, where she was producing custom-made, hand-woven fabrics for Chanel and Dior. She gained experiences as Visual researcher at Studio Edelkoort in Paris and as Design Assistant at Studio Marlène Huissoud. In Paris, she has also been teaching Textiles and Colour Theory courses at the International Fashion Academy IFA Paris.



Paula studied Fashion & Management at Amsterdam Fashion Institute with specialization in production and textiles. She interned at various design studios such as Nehera, Petra Kubíková, or Mark Kenly Domino Tan and Nadia Wire in Copenhagen, Denmark. She gained experience in various textile techniques and innovations. In her work, she combines theoretical knowledge with visual expression. 

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