purity of forms

The light is the most important for her during the process. Only through it, she is able to inhale tenderness and lightness into her objects. With Aneta we talk about getting inspired by architecture and minimalism but also how easy it is to get messy during the making.


From the very beginning, we dreamed of setting a table here at Kanava. One that is covered with hand-dyed tablecloth with natural candles in ceramic candleholders standing on it. Food is served on a round plate with a sea-colored glaze and salted from a carved wooden bowl.

searching for shapes

Not many kinds of craft reflect the process and progress of an artist as much as ceramics does. Soft clay turns the imperfections into beautiful details and results are often surprising. Through her work, Karolina not only continues to discover her self but also finds a way back home.

burning clay

For Zheni clay is like a partner that she is in a constant dialogue with. As an architect, she continues to cultivate the space by placing the objects in it.

earthly dough

Just like the soft clay grows under the hands of a potter, so does the craft of Tri Nite blooms with their determination. With sisters we talk about clay, patience and why is their dining table never empty.

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