from fencing to tailoring

He found himself attracted not only by fencing and falconry but also by the historical clothing itself. And so from day to day he became a shoemaker, a tailor, or a hatter. Matej told us about crafts from times long forgotten, about drumbľa and berets.

atelier wnoozow

From yarn through dyeing to weaving itself, Wnoozov is a revolution in textile manufacturing. With respect for tradition and the vision of more sustainable production of fabrics, the past meets the future in the studio. With Daniela Danielis, the founder of Wnoozov, we talked about directions that Czech and Slovak textile could be heading.


From the very beginning, we dreamed of setting a table here at Kanava. One that is covered with hand-dyed tablecloth with natural candles in ceramic candleholders standing on it. Food is served on a round plate with a sea-colored glaze and salted from a carved wooden bowl.

story of linen

Flax has been a part of the Slovak village for centuries. Today it has almost completely disappeared from it. Vladimira from Story of Linen tells us about how we can still find its presence in our grandmother’s kitchens and why it is important to find it within us too.

earth pigments

Through flower petals, minerals and soil, Kornelia explores the diversity and complexity of natural fabric dyeing. Her work exceeds beyond finding the right shade and shifts towards learning and accepting what is essential and human to us.

journey of wool

Vierka, who stands behind a workshop called Jadoli, is one of the few people that process local sheep wool in a traditional, non-invasive way.

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