From the very beginning, we dreamed of setting a table here at Kanava. One that is covered with hand-dyed tablecloth with natural candles in ceramic candleholders standing on it. Food is served on a round plate with a sea-colored glaze and salted from a carved wooden bowl. There are flowers in a jug that we collected ourselves. Each object tells its own story. Together they form ours. The story of a set table. ⁠

Object No. 01

Naturally dyed handmade candles by Karolína from studio Kořeny 

Object No. 02

Handmade terrazzo blue clay candleholder by Zheni studio

Object No. 03

Hand-sewn notebook (365+3 pages) by Andrea from Rurozo

Object No. 04

Recycled clay jar by Zheni studio

Object No. 05

Naturally dyed tablecloth by Kornélia Lohyňová

Object No. 06

Hand-thrown azure blue plate from dark clay by Karolína Kučerová

Object No. 07

Hand-thrown bowl from fireclay by Tri Nite

Object No. 08

Hand-carved oak bowl by Atelier Objectora

Object No. 09

Hand-spun sheep wool by Jadoli


Foto: Kvet Nguyen

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