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searching for shapes

Not many kinds of craft reflect the process and progress of an artist as much as ceramics does. Soft clay turns the imperfections into beautiful details and results are often surprising. Through her work, Karolina not only continues to discover her self but also finds a way back home.

city meadows

Where are the lines between the city and the meadow? And are there any? In Barbora’s city, wildflowers can be found on the edges of the sidewalks and in between the century-old buildings. Kinoko studio intertwines the natural and urban and creates her own little floral world.

roots within

In a country where the softness interlaces with the roughness, between the wavy vineyards of Moravian Tuscany, the Kořeny studio is located. It lays deep in the earth and comes to life thanks to Karolína.⁠

burning clay

For Zheni clay is like a partner that she is in a constant dialogue with. As an architect, she continues to cultivate the space by placing the objects in it.

paper companion

Andrea stitches papers solely by hands. A blank page that invites for further creating, her notebooks offer many possibilities, both in making and its use.

earthly dough

Just like the soft clay grows under the hands of a potter, so does the craft of Tri Nite blooms with their determination. With sisters we talk about clay, patience and why is their dining table never empty.

journey of wool

Vierka, who stands behind a workshop called Jadoli, is one of the few people that process local sheep wool in a traditional, non-invasive way.

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